How to Remove PDF Restrictions


The PDF files are commonly used file format for reading purpose and for sharing information & exchange documents.Most of the documents published on internet are protected with rights that restrict their file from printing, copying or editing so that readers can access the contents without modifying it.These restrictions cannot be removed manually leaving the only option of using third party tools to remove PDF restrictions.

PDF Restriction Types

PDF Restricted file uses password that needs to be known to access the file. The users can set restrictions on their PDF File in order to protect their files from unauthorized access or misuse of their file. The types of restrictions that can be imposed on the PDF files are as follows:
  • Print: The restricted PDF file will not allow any other users to take the print of the file.
  • Copy: This option does not allow other users to copy the contents in the PDF File.
  • Edit: It will not allow any other users to edit or modify the contents in the file.
  • Extract: The text in the restricted PDF file cannot be extracted by any other users.


There exists no manual method to remove the restrictions on PDF files. The only way to remove them is with the help of third party software like PDF Unlocker. This tool easily removes all the restrictions from PDF file allowing users to copy, edit the content, or print the PDF file. While removing restriction,Unlocker will maintain the original structure of PDF file. The software supports unlocking the PDF file from owner level password protection. User needs to specify the destination location where the PDF file needs to be saved. Personal user License of the Unlocker Tool supports Unlocking of one PDF file at a time. While for large-scale organization that has multiple PDF files, the Software provides Business & Enterprise License for unlocking several PDF files in batch. The installation of Adobe Acrobat is not required for using PDF Unlocker. It supports PDF of all Adobe editions and there is no PDF file size limitation.

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